eToro Launches New Trading Platform

Big news!  eToro has launched the next version of their trading platform.

eToro Webtrader 2.0

One of eToro's biggest advantages in the forex space has always been their trading platform.  Almost every other forex trader uses the same old platform.  But eToro has always developed their own.  You didn't need to download any software, it worked in the browser.   And now there is a new version which is a major overhaul.  Here's a sneak peak and what's inside:

No More Flash

One downside of webtrader was that it used Flash.  Well not anymore!  The entire thing is built using HTML5, meaning you doesn't need flash to work.

All of eToro in One Place

One thing that annoyed me about the old webtrader was that you needed to visit the etoro website to copytrade, and then you needed to visit webtrader to open manual trades.  Well now everything has been unified into the one platform.  You can copy trade, buy stocks, trade currencies and more – all in the one place.  This is brilliant!

etoro webtrader new version

A Simple, Clean Design

The new eToro platform is by far and away the best designed forex platform.  The competition isn't even close.  The old webtrader was much easier to use than any other platform, and this one is even easier.

Have you tried out the new platform? Let me know your experiences in the comments.

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