Entrepreneurs: Give yourself a gift this Christmas

Tis the season for giving.  Why not also give yourself a gift of a better 2016.  Now is the perfect time to take stock of your year – how's it been?  Have you achieved everything you wanted?  Made enough cash?  Grown enough as a human?  I thought I would put this post together with some suggestions on what you can do to live a better 2016 by finishing your year on a high.

Put aside a rainy day fund

Shit happens.  I'm getting prepared for the year ahead by making sure i've got enough cash on hand to handle different situations.  This is going to make my 2016 much less stressful.  Knowing I have a little room to maneuver takes a little of the pressure off.

Open a Copy Trading Account

If you follow this blog, you'll know that I'm a fan of etoro and the social trading concept.  Where you follow guru traders and automatically copy their trades.  It's my most profitable investment strategy.   This Christmas, I'm choosing new traders to follow and putting in a couple of thousand to top up my fund.  This way, when the new year comes around, and with it a flurry of trades, I'm in a perfect position to profit.

Invest in some stocks

This Christmas I'm also buying myself some stocks.  This time I'm going to buy actual stocks and also open some leveraged positions through etoro.

So that's what I'm getting myself this Christmas.  How about you?


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