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Making money with Copyfunds: February Update

Last year, eToro launched CopyFunds.  A way to invest in the top guru traders on the social trading platform eToro.

I thought this was a great idea, and would further progress all the amazing benefits of social trading.  So to really test it out, I started an experiment to see what a $5000 investment would return if invested in a copyfund.

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Acorns update. How I did in September

Acorns LogoAnother month and another acorns update.  I use the micro-investing app to put my spare change to use.  It automatically transfers my spare change into an investment account and helps me save without even knowing it.

I think Acorns is a great way for young people to start saving.  It requires no effort and you don’t need to worry about making regular contributions.

Here’s how my account performed in September:

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My Acorns Investment Update for May

Acorns LogoSo I’ve been tracking how my tiny investment with the micro-investment app acorns has been performing.  I love the idea of micro-investing – I think it’s the future.  So I’m really excited to track how it goes on here.

To bring you up to speed, Acorns is a mobile app witch automatically rounds up your spare change from purchases and transfers it into an investment account.

How I went in May:

Starting Balance: $136.30
May Deposits: $87.88
Current Balance: $229.22

May Income: $5.05
Total Income: $7.07

Summing Up…

So it’s continued to grow.  With an investment like this, its entirely possible to see negative numbers so early on.  But that’s not the case.   Sure the income is tiny at the moment, but i’ve only deposited a bit over $200.

My goal last month was to have at least $100 of deposits.  With Acorns you can transfer additional money across at any time.  And I didn’t quite transfer enough to hit my goal.  I’ll try to hit that same target this coming month.

Do you use Acorns?  How is it performing for you?  Let me know in the comments.

A Big PopCash Update and the Ultimate Cheatsheet.

I’ve written about how I had made over $2.5k using PopCash.  Well here’s a big update, that number is now over 5k and ever climbing.  Since writing that post, i’ve gotten lots of questions about how to make money with popcash, so I thought I would put together a more in depth blog post.  So without further rambling, here is my popcash cheatsheat:

PopCash earnings

WTF if PopCash?

It’s a popunder advertising network.  It works by loading a popunder ad when a user interacts with your site.

What Type of Sites Should I Use PopCash on?

Some users will find popunder advertising annoying.  I use it on a viral image site, where the users are happy to see the odd ad, because in return they get a lot of value (and laughs) out of viewing the image galleries.  Popunder ads also only work best when you have a lot of traffic.  So if you’re getting a hundred visitors a day, you might want to wait until you hit the big boys club.  Otherwise you’ll just get disappointed at the lack of $$$.    There are lots of different types of sites that work well.  If you’ve ever seen a popup ad (of course you had) just take note of the website, and what type of content they have.  And why not take inspiration from them and build your own similar site.  That’s what I did, it works.

How Often are Payouts.

Every day.  Seriously!  And they have never missed a payout.  Sometimes there is a slight delay during holidays (like the easter holidays at the moment) but they always let you know, and you’re never left wondering.  I’ve have never had a network payout as regularly and as fast as popcash.

I personally choose to cashout once a week.  Which is more then frequent enough for my needs.  From the time of requesting a payout to it landing in my account is usually just a few hours.

How do They Pay

PayPal and Payza.  I use paypal.  No issues here.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount

$10.  I have no problem making this every week (I make a lot more).

Do They Accept Adult Traffic

Yes.  It obviously doesn’t pay as well.  I wouldn’t go down this route if I were you.  There just isn’t as much money in it.  I always try and create a really high quality site with high quality traffic as it just earns so much more.

Do They Accept Worldwide Traffic

Sure do.  I have traffic from all over the world.  Obviously U.S traffic pays better then traffic in China.  But it all counts.

Do they pay for every visitor?

This is a common noob mistake people see.  They see lets say, 10k visitors to their site, but the reports on popcash only show $8k impressions.  What’s going on?  PopCash only shows an ad when a visitor interacts with your site.  (clicks a link etc).  So if someone is coming to your page and then leaving straight away then you won’t see an ad.  Focus on building a higher quality site that makes visitors want to click around.

How Often are Popunders Shown to a Visitor?

Once every 24 hours.  This makes sure your users don’t get pissed at being shown a ton of ads.


February 2014 Passive Income Report

Last month I made over $1.9k from online methods, doing relatively little work.  Here is my earnings report for the month of February.  I was inspired by other bloggers who shared their income and so I’m doing the same.  This has been my best month yet.

Affiliate Income

Easy-Forex: $910.56
Media Temple: $80

Advertising Income

Adsense: $14.86
Popcash: $108

Forex Trading Income

eToro: $780.45
Easy-Forex: $47.52

Total Income: $1,941.39

As you can see Forex was the stand out performer.  Most of my income came from copy trading, where I followed the successful traders on eToro and automatically copied what they did.  The result worked out well!   I also used Easy-Forex to do manual trading.  I started with a $500 account there.

My adsense revenue took a massive decline.  I’ll explain why in an upcoming post, where I show you how to make $60 a day from adsense using a viral technique, but it only lasts for a short time.

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