New Currencies and ETFs come to eToro

eToro has been busy adding new currencies and ETFs to their platform, further expanding the huge range of products you can trade.   eToro now has one of the largest selection of investments available and it's good to see them adding new products every month or so.


Most of the new currencies added are European pairs.  Useful if you're into trading the euro and looking for arbitrage opportunities around Europe.

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A guide to forex market hours

Knowing what time the forex market operates is an essential part of being a pro trader.  But it's also not enough to just know when you can trade, you also need a solid understanding of the best times to trade.  This will help you avoid any pitfalls by opening trades during quiet times or just when there is going to be a burst of movement.

So let's begin by finding out when the markets actually trade…

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4 things you should be doing on etoro in 2017

eToro copytrading tips2017 is here and there is excitement in the markets.  With so much going on in politics there is going to be a lot of movement in the markets..  Because no matter if the markets go up or down there is still an opportunity to profit.  This year will also be volatile – so if you're not a strong trader, you should be leaving it to the experts and copytrading instead.

If you are using etoro in 2017 then here are four things you should be doing this year to make the most out of your trading.

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eToro now accepts CashU

Looking for a forex broker that accepts CashU?  Look no further than eToro.  They have recently announced they will accept the popular middle eastern payment method CashU.

CashU is extremely popular in middle eastern countries where credit cards aren't as accessible.  If you play online games or shop online in arabic countries you'll already be really familiar with CashU.  This will make etoro even more accessible for people in these countries.

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Investing with CopyPortfolios

A little while ago, my favorite investing platform etoro, launched CopyPortfolios.    I wanted to write a little post about my experiment with CopyPortfolios and whether or not it's a viable investment.

What is a CopyPortfolio?

The idea behind etoro's CopyPortfolios is simple.  They group together the top performing traders on their platform and allow you to invest in them as a group.

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Making money with XM

XM is a popular forex broker.  I wanted to share with some strategies for using XM and hopefully making some money.  I've used XM in the past to put to practice my forex scalping method.

Get Started with $30 free

You can try XM risk free with a $30 no deposit bonus.  Using the bonus offer is a good way to get familiar with the platform – especially if you've never used an MT4 broker before.

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The best MT4 Forex Platforms

I do 90% of my trading on etoro these days, and they don't offer an MT4 platform.  I love the webtrader, but there are people who still like the “oldschool” software and want to use something like MT4.    If you don't know what MT4 is then I wouldn't bother learning about it – just use something like plus500 or etoro that offers something more modern.  But if you do want to use it, then here the two brokers I recommend:

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2017 Guide to Profitable eToro Trading

etoro 20172016 was a crazy year with all the odd world events happening.  But through all that turmoil I still managed to turn quite a decent profit on the copy trading platform eToro.   As it stands I've made around a 22% return on the year.  That's pretty incredible and has been the most profitable of all my investments.  My “high interest” savings account had a measly 2% return 🙁

A lot has happened on eToro over the past 12 months.   The product has continued to develop and evolve and I wanted to put together a post for 2017 on what I believe is the best and more reliable way to make money with etoro for the year ahead.

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