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How will the U.S election effect the Peso

Are you planning on trading the U.S election?   The USDMXN pair is highly effected by the u.s election, so no matter what happens, there is going to be movement.  During September the currency was pushed to an all time low, but with Clinton looking more likely the victor the Peso has begun to recover.  If Trump gets elected it’s reasonable to expect the Peso will drop.  A Clinton presidency should be a positive fundamental signal.

Daily FX News: Friday 22 July 2016

Here’s your market analysis for Friday.  If you’re looking to make some last minute trades before the end of the week, here are some of the stories which are moving the markets.

Nintendo keeps gaining value

Pokemon Go and the media frenzy that continues, is pushing Nintendo’s stock higher.   It’s crazy, but Nintendo has nearly doubled in value since Pokemon Go was released?  Is it really worth that much?  What will happen if it’s just a fad?  I’m not sure if it is.  But there is definitely a trade to me made somewhere here.

Mcdonalds is cashing in on Pokemon Go

Did you know that in Japan, Mcdonalds is planning to sponsor the game to attract people into their stores?  It’s an interesting move.  Mcdonalds has gone up a little over 7%.

GM will may recall 4.3 million cars

Oh no.  After a solid earnings report, all this good work could be for nothing.  It will be interesting to see how this affects the stock price.  Or whether the positive earnings report will keep things going afloat.

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