7 Weird ways you could invest $1000

Getting bored of the stock market?  Sick of getting no interest from your savings?  Looking to blow $1000 on something wild?  Well here are 7 alternative investments that you can get started with for just $1000.  Now I'm not saying any of these are “good” investments – sometimes it's just fun to experiment.


In recent years the price of wine hasn't really had much direction.  But it wasn't too long ago that wine prices were shooting through the roof.  Mainly driven by American and Chinese investors – who let's be honest, don't have the best reputation when it comes to knowing about wine.  So crazy money was being spent on wine, and people were getting rich (mainly the auction houses) investing in wine.

So can you too invest in Wine?  Sure, if you have a bottle from a respectable vineyard, from a good vintage, the price should increase as it becomes rarer overtime.  Storing wine is the hard part, so if you're serious about investing you would put your collection in a specialist wine storage facility.  Just remember to avoid temptation and don't drink your profits.


While Wine Investing may be just a bubble, what about Whiskey?  You can now even invest in Whiskey funds, or trade in whiskey entirely online through a site like WhiskyInvestDirect.

I saw ads on Facebook the other day for a distillery that was letting you buy a cask of Whiskey and would provide 9% return on your investment when the Whiskey had aged.  This is type of offer pops up all over the place, you just need to make sure you're investing in a distillery that won't disappear overnight.

The other option is buying actual bottles.  This is the riskiest and hardest, but potentially the most profitable method of whiskey investment.  Look out for limited releases from respected distilleries.  These releases can often become hot properties, sought after by buyers.

Bitcoin (or ethereum)

As of writing this post, Bitcoin is around the $1.2k mark.  It's been going up over the past few years (as well as down and up and down and up etc).  You've probably read the news articles about the guy who bought $1000 worth of bitcoin when it was trading for less than a dollar.

Who knows how high the price will rise.  One thing is certain – the supply of bitcoin is limited.  There will reach a point where no more can be mined.  Will that mean the price will continue to rise?  I can't say, but it certainly creates an interesting outlook.

If you feel like you've missed the Bitcoin boat, then may Ethereum would be of interest.  Or if you've already purchased bitcoins and would like them to grow a little while you wait for the price to rise, why not invest them.


This isn't really that weird.  Through copy trading, i'm regular trade Gold or Silver CFDs.  This is a pretty common investment.  But actually buying lumps of bullion is a little more weird.

Look up silver stacking on youtube to see the crazy amount of metal people are hoarding, hoping that it will be a safe store of currency.  I'm not so sure, and can't really see how you'll make a fortune off it.  If on the other hand, you believe that the U.S dollar is going to collapse then, yes, it might just be the smartest investment of them all.

I think people are just attracted to the bling.  It certainly seems like a lot of fun.

Magic the Gathering

Magic the Gathering is a card game that has been around for a long time, and more recently has begun gaining in popularity again.  Players buy decks of cards which contain a random selection of cards.  Some of these can be extremely rare.

MTG investors often buy large stocks of cards and don't open them, instead holding onto them.  Overtime they're hoping demand for these cards will increase and they can sell them on.  I know a few people who actually make a living from buying and selling MTG cards.  You need to know a lot about the game, and the world of MTG to make a living, but it certainly would be one hell of a fun investment.

Domain Names

This is something I know quite a bit about.  I used to buy and sell a lot of domains.  Domain investing is much like real estate.  If you happen to jump in early and then find the right buyer, you can make some serious cash.  Domain investing is quite technical and requires a lot of market knowledge.

Looking for something not so weird and wild?  Then check out my top investment pick.

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