In march of this year, I put together 5 traders who I thought would be interesting picks to copytrade on eToro.  Although there have been difficult times recently in markets around the world, most of those traders have still managed to deliver profitable returns since I wrote the post.

So I thought I would dig through eToro to find 5 more interesting traders who might like to consider copytrading.

Disclaimer:  Past performance is not an indication of future results. This is not investment advice. Your capital is at risk. 

CFD Disclaimer: 65% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


This trader has a return of around 4.5% so far this year.  Which is pretty good seeing as we’re only half way through this year.  But what’s more impressive is that he’s managed a profitable return each year he has been trading on eToro since 2015.

He only trades stocks and holds onto these positions for around 6 months.  So he is definitely looking for long term growth over short term gains.  He picks stocks using fundamental analysis.   He uses 1:1 leverage which means he maintains a low risk score.

Overall a really solid pick.

Take a look at EquitiesFund’s stats and profile here


Albert (Fifty-five) mainly trades forex, with some trades in Indices and commodities too.  He makes around 2.5 trades per week and holds onto positions for around 2 days.  So if you copytrade fifty-five you’ll see lots of trades and activity in your account.

In terms of return, he has been profitable since 2015 (every year he was on eToro).  Last year he delivered a very impressive 26% return.  And this year he has nearly delivered a 10% return and we’re only half way there.

So if you’re looking to copytrade a forex trader, then Fiftyfive might be a good pick for you.

Take a look at Fifty-five’s profile here.


Couguar is a stock trader.  He makes around 2 trades per week and holds onto these positions for around 4 months.  So like EquitiesFund, he’s looking for longer term gains.  Last year he had a huge year with a 40+% return.  I should caution that last the stock market saw record gains, so part of that figure may be attributed to that.

Couguar is quite active responding to questions on his feed and shares information on his strategy.  So if you’re looking to copy a trader that will share with you advice and feedback then Couguar may be for you.

Check out his profile here


Auenwald trades mainly stocks but has dabbled in other markets as well.  Last year he delivered a return of over 20% and this year is on track to deliver 6%+

I like the fact he has a risk score of 3 – on eToro the lower the risk score the better.  Like the other stock traders I have written about in this post, Auenwald holds onto trades for many months and makes around 3 trades a week.  So this is another long term strategy.

Robin doesn’t seem to post at all on his feed, which is a little dissapointing as I love to copy traders who are engaged with their copiers.

Check out Auenwald’s stats here


jeppekirkbonde (i’m guess the name is Danish) is primarily a stock trader but who also trade Cryptos, commodities, etfs and indicies.   One stat jumped out at me – he has made a 500% return on trading Bitcoin.  Pretty impressive.

He’s a long term trader with positions being held for over 8 months.  If you’re looking for a trader who isn’t afraid to dabble in different markets when the conditions suit, then this trader might be for you.

Check out jeppekirkbonde’s profile here.

What I’m looking for when searching for traders…

When putting together these lists, this is what I’m searching for on eToro:

  • Low risk score – this tells me the trader is using a small % of their account capital to make each trade and not using excessive leverage.
  • Weekly Drawdown – This is the maximum a trader has lost over a week.  This is measured from the high point to the low point during a week and is a good indication of a trader using good risk management.
  • Markets – When I wrote about diversifying your copytrading portfolio, one of my tips was to look at traders who specialise in different markets.  So I don’t just want to find forex traders.  I like building a portfolio which has a mix of all different market types.

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