Update: eToro is no longer offering any bonus etoro credits.  I’ll update this post again if etoro has any offers in the future, but currently none are on offer.

Did you know you claim up to $4000 in free etoro credits?  I think many people don’t know and are missing out on a big opportunity when registering.

eToro Credits

eToro credits are credited to your account and can be used to copy trade as well as manual trade.  Credits can be used for opening stock cfd positions, trading forex, ETFs etc.

These credits need to be used for trading, meaning you can’t just withdraw them straight away.    However every time you do trade, the amount you can withdraw will increase.  It should be noted that the money you deposit can always be withdrawn at any time.

One of the big benefits of these credits are being able to increase your margin or leverage on positions.  You might not have the cash by yourself to open a large enough position to benefit from certain market movements, but the added topup will help.

For new users

The eToro credits are available to new etoro traders who haven’t yet made a deposit.  You can’t keep claiming the free credits with every deposit.  And if you’ve made a deposit without claiming, I’m not sure there is much you can do.

eToro does change the codes, and how long their offers last.  So I have no idea how long this current offer will be available.

If you’ve been trading on a practice/virtual etoro account, this offer will still work.

How to claim

Claiming is easy, just use one of the codes below when making a deposit.  The code you use is obviously dependent on how much you are depositing.

  1.  Grab a free eToro account here, or your use or existing account
  2. Enter the code below on the cashier page