Have you had success trading forex?  Are you looking for ways to grow your income? Then this post is for you.  I wanted to share some strategies you can use to increase your forex or stock trading income, without having to increase the level of risk you trade at.

Social trading offers a path for increased revenue with very little change to how you’re currently trading.  With social trading not only will you profit from your own trades, but you’ll earn additional revenue with people copy your trades through a platform like etoro.

Popular Investors

A “popular investor” is what copy trading platform, etoro, calls it’s top copied traders.  These traders become popular investors by having consistently profitable returns on their trades.  eToro allows people to copy these traders, and profit from the same trades.  And etoro rewards the popular investors for this.

The more people that copy you on etoro, the more additional income you can earn.  In fact, it’s entirely possible to earn an additional full time income, just from the bonuses awarded for having copiers.

The top popular investors, will earn $1k per month in a fixed payment plus 2% AUM.

Spread Rebates

Another advantage etoro’s popular investors get is access to 100% spread rebates.  Imagine not having to pay any spreads on your trades!

You also get access to additional perks such as fee free withdrawals, plus additional cash for marketing, education etc.  eToro really tries its best to look after the top performing traders on the network.

How to become a popular investor

Becoming a popular investor will happen automatically  – people will copy you if you have a low risk, profitable trading strategy.

To get access to the popular investor benefits, you will need to have deposited a minimum of $1000 in your account.  This deposit minimum helps ensure investors on etoro have skin in the game and aren’t trading with a small amount such as $100 which they may be more willing to lose.  You’ll also need to be trading for at least 2 months.  Don’t expect to get many copiers before 2 months anyway, as investors want to see a history of success.

The future is copy trading

If you’re already making good money on other platforms, why not look to Social Trading or Copy Trading to increase your income.  You don’t need to change your trading style and will benefit from additional cash.    You can learn more about copy trading here or join etoro.