eToro recently changed how first time deposit bonuses work on their platform.  Instead of a bonus you are given access to a trading club which gives you a free credits to invest on etoro depending on how much you choose to initially deposit.

An Introduction to eToro’s Trading Clubs

The trading clubs are really just a rebranding of the bonus system.  From a trading perspective, if you’re a  new trader on etoro, you can still get free credits to trade when you make your first deposit.  So even though there is a new name, you’ll still be able to trade you free credits 🙂

What can you do with eToro credits

eToro credits can be invested just like regular cash.  The only difference is that after a certain period of time, the credits will expire.  However, you get to keep ALL profits made from trading with these credits.  So it’s similar to trading with someone elses money and getting to pocket the earnings.  You don’t need to pay back these credits.

You can use these credits to copy trade other people, invest in stock cfds or open forex trades.  The choice is yours.

Is it still worth it?

Absolutely!  If you’re new to etoro, you should definitely take advantage of this offer.  There is no downside or added risk if you choose to join the trading clubs.

The added credits will allow you to open more trades and hold a larger portfolio – and you’ll get to keep all the profits from these positions.

Who can take advantage of this?

Only new etoro traders.  Unfortunately, if you’ve made a deposit in the past in your account, you won’t be able to claim the free etoro credits.

How to claim your free etoro trading credits:

  1.  Register an etoro account here.  Remember, this offer is only available for new etoro members.
  2.  When you make your first deposit, enter one of the codes below depending on your deposit amount.  The code can be entered on the cashier page.
  3. The credits will added to your account.

Not ready to make a deposit?

If you’re not ready to make a deposit, then why not start by practice trading with a virtual account.  You don’t need to deposit anything, and it’s completely free to join.  You can use the virtual money to open trades, buy stocks, copytrade and more.  It’s a great way to learn and get familiar with the platform.

Open a practice account here

How long will this offer be available?

I have no idea, but these offers do come and go and have changed a lot in the past.  So if you’ve been thinking about joining etoro, but haven’t made the jump, take advantage of this will you can.