In the U.S it’s currently possible to buy shares without paying a commission.  In Australia though we’re not so lucky.  Brokers usually charge around $19 per order.  So in order to buy and then sell shares, you’ll be stuck paying around $40.  And that figure grows much higher depending on the size of your order.

This means, that unless your trading at least $1000+ at a time, it’s really not worth buying a few shares here and there.


But things are changing….


U.S based startup Robinhood announced awhile back that they were coming to Australia.  Robinhood offers commission free share trading through their well designed and easy to use iphone app.   They’ve been backed by some large investment firms and are already a popular choice in the US.

Who knows when the app will be available in Australia.   They’ve given no indication since their launch announcement of any actual date.    But when it does drop, it surely will change the face of stock investing in Australia.


CFD’s offer a commission free alternative to traditional shares.  You’ll only pay the spread if you use a broker like etoro.   With CFD’s you can also purchase a fraction of a share and trade with leverage.  Bear in mind that leverage increases risk and with a CFD you don’t own the underlying asset.  But if you’re looking to profit from the movement of a share (either up or down) then CFD’s can be a good option.

So there are two little ways I’ve discovered to trade shares commission free in Australia.  One of them hasn’t launched yet, but hopefully that is only a matter of time.