eToro Deposit MinimumHere’s a question I got recently –  What’s the minimum you can invest in eToro?   So here are all the details on the minimum amounts needed to invest in the various products on eToro.  Check out the bottom of the post where I share what I believe is the perfect first time deposit.

The minimum first time deposit 

This amount used to vary from $50 to $300.  And it all depended on your country.  However eToro has changed this to $200 across the board.  The best way to find out is to register an account (which is free).  It will tell you straight away what your first time deposit is for your location.

The minimum deposit

The minimum amount you can deposit (after your first deposit) is $50.  This is the standard across most forex platforms.  Most of the time, these deposits are completely instant (obviously depending on what you method you deposit with).

The minimum you can open a forex trade with

If you have chosen not to copytrade and are manually trading, the minimum amount you can trade with is $25.  So you will basically need at least $25 to open a trade.

The minimum you can open a Stock CFD trade with

The minimum amount to open a stocks trade is $50.  This is obviously much less than a regular stock trade as this is a CFD.  Which means you can own a fraction of a share.

The minimum withdrawal amount

Good news!  There is no withdrawal minimum.  So whatever is in your account you can withdraw at any time.

What do I recommend as a first deposit?

Two things you should consider when making your first deposit. 1) How many people do you want to copytrade and 2) do you want a bonus.  I recommend spreading the risk and copytrading 3-5 people.  The minimum amount you can copy trade with is $100 per trader.  So this means you will need to deposit at least $300.

If you want a bonus, the minimum deposit is $300.  I highly recommend you take advantage of the bonus as it’s basically free money to trade with (there are some restrictions) and could make a huge difference to your earnings.

So if you take these two factors into account, somewhere between $300-$500 is the perfect amount to get started on eToro.

So I think that’s all the various minimums covered.  As you can see, it doesn’t take that much cash to get started on eToro.  That’s what attracted me to the site originally.  I don’t like investment products that require to put down $5k or more.  Unless you’re a millionaire, this is just too risky.

Let me know in the comments if i’ve missed any.