eToro is my favorite trading platform.  I’ve been using it for the last few years, and managed to do really well with it.  I love the fact that everything is open – you can see everyones trades and automatically copy the trades of successful gurus.

eToro Earnings February Earning Results

January was a huge month for me.  I was successful in both picking good people to copy, and also making a number of good oil trades.  The result was nearly 20% gain!

I knew february wasn’t going to be as huge.  Not only was it a shorter month, there was less certainty in the markets.  But I still managed to grow around 2.3% – which for a monthly result is really good as well.

How many people am I copying?

Just three traders at the moment.  I’ve written in the past about what I look for in a trader.  And at the moment I’m happy with having just 3 traders in my account.  I’m currently searching through traders at the moment and looking to increase this to 5 over march.

How you can get started

Looking for something similar?  You can join etoro here.  Check out this post for the latest sign up bonus.