etf investing etoroAre you looking for a more reliable and stable income from eToro.   Forex can be crazy.  It moves in often unpredictable ways and things can happen so quickly that before you know it your position has closed.  So if forex is a little bit too crazy for you, then I have a solution:

eToro Now has ETF’s!

eToro recently added etf’s to their range of trading products.  So as well as stocks, currencies and commodities, you can now also invest in etf’s or exchange traded funds.

What’s an ETF?  Well an ETF is an exchange traded index that tracks the price of an underlying asset.  For example, a Technology ETF would own stocks such as Apple and Google.  Instead of investing in these stocks yourself, you would invest in the fund.  This way you would diversify your investment across numerous stocks.

Why ETF’s?

It’s all about diversification.  Investing in lots of individual stocks or commodities on eToro would be time consuming.  Having access to an ETF, you increase your access and can invest in a more diverse portfolio which can help you manage risk.

I think ETF’s on eToro are a great idea.  I’m definitely going to be adding a couple to my portfolio this year.  eToro offers a large range, across all sectors.

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