I’ve been waiting for this! You can buy and sell stock CFD’s on etoro in realtime.   Previously trades were executed only once  a day.  But now you can buy and sell as much as you want in realtime.

What I love about etoro’s stock trading is that it requires very little cash to get started.  Want to invest just $10 in Apple to test things out?  Sure no problem.    The minimum trade is just $10 and you can choose to invest a lot more if you wish.  You can also open leveraged trades (although due to the risk, I choose the standard trades all the time and have had a lot of success).

Another big change is that you can now short stocks as well.   So for example, if you think a company’s stock price is heading down, you can open  a short position and you’ll profit as the price drops.

These changes bring eToro more in line with other CFD platforms, but with etoro you get a regulated and trust worthy company and of course you can take advantage of the social trading features and automatically copy the trades of other gurus.