eToro unlike most other forex brokers, doesn’t usually offer any kind of deposit bonus – but they are now!  But you’ll have to be quick, I just got an email from them and they told me it only lasts 48 hours.  It’s obviously to tie in with the current volatility in the markets – which means there is huge opportunities for forex traders.

If you have been sitting on the fence, and wondering whether or not you should join, then now is probably a good time to make a move.  When you make a deposit, you’ll get a bonus $100 ($400-$999) and above that there is a massive bonus up to 35%!

eToro Bonus Coupon Code 

  1. Grab yourself an eToro account here
  2. When making a deposit, enter the code: fomc2015


As I said before, this only lasts 48 hours, so you’ve got to be quick.