logo-22015 looks to be an extremely volatile year.  The markets are all over the place.  And it can be scary jumping into forex trading at the moment.  But when the markets are like they are at the moment, with lots of movement, it means there is lots of opportunity for profits.  Here is my trading strategy for 2015.

100% Trading on eToro

I’ve used Zulutrade and XM in 2014, but I had the best results trading on eToro.  In 2014 I ended up around 38%.  That is an amazing return – sure, there are some traders who are making well over the 100% mark on etoro, but I prefer a less risky approach.

No Manual Trades.  All Copytrades

I’m not a forex expert.  And now is the not the time to try and become one.  Instead, i’m relying on the gurus.  In 2015 i’m showing lots of self control and forcing myself not to manual trade.

Spreading the Risk

I recommend copying at least 3 traders on etoro.  But in 2015 i’m going further and spreading the risk to at least 10.  This requires a 1000k total investment (as the minimum copytrade amount is $100.  But I’ve found this to be much, much more reliable.

Only Copying Traders with Long Term Results

I’m not copying any traders who haven’t made a return over the past 12 months.  I’m not interested in traders who have shown promise over a 3 or 6 month period.  I want traders who have proven to be profitable over a long time frame.

Only Copying Traders with 5-30% Returns

It’s sometimes tempting to copy traders who have 100%+ returns. But I think these traders are putting too much at risk and are liable for big losses.  So I look for traders who have a more realistic return.  I set the filter for 12 months and between 5-30% return over this period.

I’m Investing in Stocks

I’m no longer just copytrading forex traders.  I’m further diversifying my portfolio and copytrading stock traders.  I’ve also got a couple open Apple trades which I opened manually.  I don’t want to manual trade forex (because there is way to much downside) but I’m happy to buy Apple stock on my own.  I’m sticking to what I now and with record earnings for Apple around the corner, it’s kind of a safe bet.

Get a 50% Bonus

So that is my copytrading strategy for 2015.  If you’d like to join in – you can get started with as little as $50, then register here. You’ll get up to a 50% bonus, if you register using my unique link.

Here’s to a profitable 2015!  I’m looking forward to it.