Each year I like to buy myself something for christmas.  I cut loose a little and usually get something on my wishlist that I can’t really justify as a “useful” purchase.  It’s a good way to end out the year and make me appreciate the hard work I’ve put in.

This year, I’m going to do something a little different and use the money to buy some shares in a host of companies I’m liking.  I’m thinking just $100 per company (etoro allows you to invest as little as $10 in a stock) and spread across 5-6 different companies.  These will include, Google, Apple, Tesla, Toyota.

And because I would have usually spent this money on something stupid, I’m not even too fussed about doing any technical analysis.  It doesn’t matter – i’m just buying into companies that I love.  However on the flip side, I do think all of these buys are solid and as I’m using eToro, i can see that my stock trading gurus are doing the same.  So i’m hoping this time next year (probably a lot sooner) I will have made a little back and I can invest in another set of companies.

So this year, get yourself something worthwhile and head on over to etoro.