Apple recently split their stock.  The idea was that it would give the stock broader appeal.  And it certainly did the trick for me.  I’m not a big investor in stocks.  Unless you want to hold them for 10+ years, to make back the transaction fees, I really don’t see the point.  And if you think you can beat the market – you can’t – that’s why you’re poor.  But anyway, back onto topic: Apple.

I bought the stock (which is actually a CFD as opposed to a stock, but that doesn’t really matter anyway as Apple doesn’t pay dividends) through eToro.  The offer quite a few stocks that can be purchased with as little as $10.  So basically you can own a fractional share.  Popular stocks include Google, Visa, Coke, etc.  If you’re like me, and live outside the United States then etoro is a great way to get access to U.S based stocks.

Another thing I really liked about etoro was paypal deposit.  I get paid for various things via paypal so it makes it extremely convenient to deposit money into etoro.

My Apple purchase was the first stock I purchased through eToro and I’m sure I’ll be buying some more over the coming months.  I’ll keep you updated with how it develops and if I make any $$.

If you’re interested in trying out etoro, I can offer you an exclusive $50 gift card (be quick because it drops to $20 soon) that you can use to purchase some stock. No deposit is required!  Visit this page