Looking for people to copy on the social trading network, etoro?  Each week I share with you one of the traders that I’ve spotted and who help me make over $500 each month.

This weeks trader: edmund27

Unfortunately, many of the top traders that etoro features, have 20+ open trades that currently are in the red.  These trades may eventually close out, but in the meantime, your stuck with your cash tied up.  That’s why I like to find traders who have excellent money management skills.   edmund27 is one of those traders.

Over the past 6 months he is up over 193% which is a very good return.  He is profitable 80% of the weeks and his trades are open on average for just 1 day!

He only trades in EUR/USD – so if you’re looking to trade this pair and need some strong signals, then this is the account to copy.

Exclusive Bonus – Register Using this link to copytrade edmund27 with $20 completely free.

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