eToro is the social trading platform where you can automatically copy the trades of the gurus.

eToro Copytrader

You can invest in forex, commodities, indices and stocks on etoro.  And even if you know nothing about investment, you can simple autocopy the top performing traders.

A question I often get asked is:

“How Much Should I invest in etoro”

Well first things first let me go over the basics.

The Minimum Deposit

The minimum amount you can deposit at etoro is $50.  This is quite low compared to most other forex brokers which tend to have a minimum set above $100 (some are even a lot higher).  There are many different ways to deposit but one of the unique features of etoro is that they offer a paypal deposit option.  I only know of one other forex broker that offers paypal!

The Minimum Copytrade Amount

The minimum amount you can allocate to copy another trader is $50.  On etoro, you’re able to open fraction trades, which mean, even if the trader is using an account with $50,000, the trades you copy will be scaled down to match your account balance.  This means you can copy a guru with as little as $50.

The Optimal Copy Amount

I have found that amounts less than $100 don’t perform anywhere near as well as a copytrade of around $100.  I usually copy traders with a $100 allocation each.  If the trader continues to perform I then allocate extra in $50 lots.

The Optimal Starting Balance

To see a return of 50%+ per year, which is easily possible (I’m currently at 48% return) you need to copytrade more than one trader.  I recommend starting out by copying 4 traders.  This means you’ll need around $200 in your account.    That isn’t a lot, considering the potential upside.  Yes forex is risky, but by copying traders who have a proven track record over the past year, and copying 4-10 different traders, you’re spreading the risk.

P.S – get started with a no deposit $20 bonus – you can either use it to copy trade, buy some stocks or trade forex.  Your choice.  Use this link to get the bonus.